Google Classroom Training

Google Classroom training


Welcome to the Google Classroom Training page. Here you will find step by step instructions for creating and maintaining on online learning environment with Google Classroom. If at any time you have specific questions, please email Kim Yeiter at 


  • Create a class

    2. On the Classes page, click Add Add and then Create class.

      Click Create class

    3. Enter the class name.

      Enter class details

    4. (Optional) To enter a short description, grade level, or class time, click Section and enter the details.
    5. (Optional) To add a subject, click Subject and enter a name, or click one from the list that appears when you enter text.
    6. (Optional) To enter the location for the class, click Room and enter the details.
    7. Click Create.

  • Adding Students to Classroom

  • How to add students by email address: All of Dyersburg City School student emails follow this format

    Go to

    1. Click the class you want to add students or a group of students to.
    2. At the top, click People and then Invite students Invite students.

      Click Invite students

    3. Enter the student’s or group’s email address.
      As you enter text, an autocomplete list might appear.
    4. Under Search results, click a student or a group.
    5. (Optional) To invite more students or groups, repeat steps 4 and 5.
    6. Click Invite.

    After you email the invitation, the class list updates to show the names of invited students.
    Invited students


    You have multiple ways to share the code with your students. For example, you can display the code on a projector or copy it and share it. 

    2. Click the class. 
    3. If you want to quickly display the code when projecting, under the class name next to the code, click Full screen Full screen. For a larger view, click Full screen Full screen again.
    4. Click Settings Settings and choose an option:

      Click Settings

      • To display the code on a projector, in the General section, next to the code, click the
        Down arrow Down Arrow and then Display
        Click Display
        To get a larger view of the code, click Full screen Full screen.
        Click Full screen
      • To copy the code to share with your students, in the General section, next to the code, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then Copy
        Click Copy
    5. Give the students these instructions:
      1. Go to
      2. On the Classes page, click Add Add and then Join class.
      3. Enter the code and click Join.


    Classroom automatically creates a class code when you create a class. If students have a problem with the class code, you can reset it. If you don't want new students to join your class, turn off the code. You can turn it back on it at any time.

    2. Click the class and then Settings Settings .

      Click Settings

    3. Next to the class code, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and choose an option:
      • To display the code, click Display.
      • To copy the code, click Copy.
      • To reset the code, click Reset.
      • To turn the code off or on, click Disable or Enable.
        Note: When you enable a code, Classroom generates a new class code.
    4. Click Save.

  • Add Materials

    2. Click the class and then Classwork.
    3. At the top, click Create  and then Material.
      Click Material
    4. Enter a title and a description.
      Enter title

    Add attachments

    You can add Google Drive files, links, or YouTube videos to your materials.

    To upload a file, click Attach Attach. Select the file and click Upload.

    To attach a Google Drive file:

    1. Click Drive Google Drive.
    2. Select the item and click Add.
      Note: If you see a message that you don’t have permission to attach a file, click Copy. Classroom makes a copy to attach to the material and saves it to the class Drive folder.

    To attach a YouTube video, click YouTube YouTube and choose an option:

    • To search for a video to attach:
      1. In the search box, enter keywords and click Search Search.
      2. Click the video and then Add.
    • To attach a video link:
      1. Click URL.
      2. Enter the URL and click Add.

    To attach a link, click Link Link, enter the URL, and click Add Link.

    To delete an attachment, next to it, click Remove Remove.

    Post to one or more classes

    Under For, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then select the class or classes you want to include.
    Select class