Family Compact


Communication About Student Learning

Dyersburg High School is committed to providing regular, two-way communication with families about student learning through the following methods:

  • StudentVue

  • ParentVue

  • School Website

  • Progress Reports

  • Daily Announcements

  • Google Calendar

  • System App

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Telephone Calls

  • Student Conferences

  • P3Campus

  • Google Classroom 

  • Remind 101

Do you have questions about your child’s progress?

Contact your child’s teacher  by phone (731) 286 -3630 or by email.  Email addresses are listed on the school website at

For assistance utilizing our ParentVue or StudentVue, please contact Mrs. Kim Bowlin at 731-286-3630 ext. 1109

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2022-23 School-Parent Compact

What is a School-Parent Compact?

It is a written commitment describing how members of the school community-families, teachers, principal, and students-agree to share responsibility for student learning.  The compact helps bridge the learning connection between school and home.

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Jointly Developed

  • Families, students, teachers, and faculty members work together to develop our school-parent compact.  Each school year, two meetings are held for parents, teachers, and students to compare the compact with school achievement data to review our progress and assess our goals.

  • The compact is uniquely developed to meet the needs and goals of our schools and students.

  • Families can provide feedback on the compact at any time.  Please call Kamela Rogers at 731-286-3630 or visit our website at

Building Partnerships

Dyersburg High School offers ongoing events and programs to provide parents and students access to our staff. Please contact our school to learn more about these opportunities and more.

  • Back to School Orientation

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Family Nights

  • Parent Vue

  • Registration Meetings

  • ACT Seminars for Students and Families

  • To make an appointment with your child’s teacher, visit the school website or call 731-286-3630


Kamela Rogers, Principal



Our Goals for Student Achievement

District Goals

  • Achieve a level 3 growth score in Math and Literacy.

  • Maintain or improve the percentile rank of those scoring on-track or mastered in Math and Language Arts.

  • Increase the percentage of students meeting all four college-readiness benchmarks on the ACT.

  • Promote a safe, positive learning environment which limits lost instructional time.

School Goals

Increasing the percentage of students meeting all four college-readiness benchmarks 42% on the ACT.

Each subject area is focusing on increasing the percentage of students meeting the college-readiness benchmark in their content area.  For the 2020-21 school year, Dyersburg High School would like for teachers, families, and students to work together to meet the following goals:

  • Reading/Language Arts- Increase percent of all students on-track or mastered in ELA from 40.2% to 49%.

  • Math - Increase percent of all students on-track or mastered in math from 34.7% to 42%. 

  • College and Career Readiness- The percentage of students who graduate from DHS with a regular diploma will increase from 90.14% to 91%.

Teachers, families, students – Together for Success

In the Classroom

  • We will provide assignments that are rigorous and engaging for the student.

  • We will provide feedback on assignments, both in class and out of class, that engage the student and the family.

  • We will provide opportunities for families to learn how to help their student with the content including test taking strategies and time management strategies to be successful at school and outside of school.

  • We will post progress of the student and contact the parent of ways to help their child be successful at school.


At Home

  • We will attend parent and community nights to learn how to help our child be successful.

  • We will review assignments and discuss ways in which they can improve (i.e. before/after school tutoring, etc.)

  • We will talk with our child about school and social issues that may prevent him/her from being successful at school.

  • We will provide an environment conducive to study and practice.

  • We will time work with our child on test taking and time management strategies.



  • We will be responsible for our school work and practice materials.

  • We will attend ACT study sessions and ACT prep sessions when available at school.

  • We will focus on learning important content in class.

  • We will work toward improving time management by more practice.